This tiny little blog is about some of the events that have happened in my life. There’s no drama, murders or mysteries, just the day to day life of a Cornish girl making her way through life.

The Richards family consists of Me, my husband and our gorgeous new baby boy. Life is so different now he has come into the world and everyday he amazes us with his presence (I’m sure all new Mom’s gush over their newborns but mine really is lush!). 

A summary so far …

We met at the age of 16 in Sainsburys where we both worked, I was filling the shelves on my hands and knees and Chris walks along the top of the isle with his friend and proclaims ‘I know her’. I look up glowering and that was that! Little did he know I remembered him from 5 years before! I was swimming with my friend, he was with his and to cut a long story short he kissed my then best friend!!

From that point on we became good friends and spent many shifts wasting time chatting on the shop floor and in the warehouse until one day my manager approached Chris and said ‘when are you going to ask her out’. Although we don’t have an ‘official’ starting date for us we know that was the beginning. 

September 2007 was the start of my university degree in teaching which was how we ended up spending the next three years flitting between my parents house and university accommodation. No-one thought it would last as many long distance relationships fail but we did it!

Easter 2010 Chris asked me to marry him whilst in the kitchen of my mom and dads house. I obviously said yes!! 

September 2012 I started my first full time teaching post (year long contract) in a year group I NEVER thought I would teach … Reception!! But since then I have never looked back! 

Summer 2013 we purchased our first house and I started a new job, still I reception, at a gorgeous new school. 

April 12th 2014 Chris and I got married in Kenwyn church and fell pregnant the summer of 2015. 

April 13th 2016 the most amazing little boy entered the world and made our lives better. And things have never been the same!

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