In the Night Garden

Alfie’s bedtime routine is tea, read stories, clean his teeth and either sit and watch ‘In the Night Garden’ or have it on while he plays. After this it is the bedtime story then off upstairs for PJ’s, story and bed. This has been our routine since he was 8 months old (when he moved into his own room) and it has been a fantastic routine for him. Now at the age of 15 months, he knows what happens and if he is tired and wants to go to bed early he grabs his muslin and heads off towards the stairs. I know, I know I can almost hear the eye rolls and tuts from many parents for allowing him to watch TV but if my baby likes to dance and chatter away with it on then that’s fine with me! So suffice to say Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Palma, the Tombliboo’s and the Pontipine’s are firm favourites in our household. When Chris saw there was a live tour going on I received a text at work informing me we were going and next thing I knew, the tickets were booked!

After months of waiting it was finally time to go see ‘In the Night Garden’. With Iggle Piggle packed we drove up to Birmingham to see the show. Alf loved it. He clapped, shouted and blew kisses to the characters and even got to meet the big blue man himself.

I would definitely go see the show again, it was well organised, a good size, not too noisy and activities for the children to do while waiting to either go in to see the show or a character. Prices weren’t too bad (apart from the £8 Plinky Plonk balloon which suffice to say we did not buy!), he staff were helpful and there were lots of facilities for baby/toddler changing.
After a fab time at the show and gaining a Tombliboo and Upsy Daisy we finished our day visiting family and a trip to IKEA!!

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