Dads takeover

So this morning Alf and I have left mommy snoozing in bed, and while he is happy playing about the house I'm going to take the opportunity to get in on some of this blogging action!

I'm going to share some of my favourite pictures from Alfs first year. It won't be all of them and you've probably already seen them on Facebook and/or Instagram but oh well. Unfortunately I can't use all of them but these few are definitely some that I will treasure forever. 

Not very impressed with his bath.He doesn't fit in my arms like that anymore 😭

People always said the the first few months go really fast and I fully got what they were saying, but looking back on his newborn weeks/months now it genuinely feels like it only lasted a few short days

Quick break to change a nappy!! 😷

Nappy changing is a task these days. I can't change him standing up because I'm so kack handed and keeping him Lieing down for 5 minutes is virtually impossible. So as you can imagine I love it. 😂  Thankfully nanny Plum was keeping him occupied this time. Anyway.. moving on 

So where do I start with this one. My two loves. The two reasons why I get out of bed in the morning. We're in our 11th year and we've been through a lot. You've been my friend, girlfriend, fiancée, my wife and now a mom. And the best mommy any one year old chap could ask for. Thank you for the best 11yrs, the ups and the downs, for sticking with me and for our boy. You are beautiful inside and out and I will always love you. Sometimes his cuteness is just too much 😂😍

Our first Christmas with Alf and Sebastian (the tree) I always wanted a real Christmas tree and now I've had one I could never go back to a fake one.  Alfs loves his godparents Uncle Travis and Auntie Megan. I think this was Uncle Travis's first bum change 😜 And he is very lucky to have his Uncle Ben and Auntie Harriet in his life. We have such loving friends and family. Alf is a very lucky boy. This ones just a nice picture 😍
Getting dizzy with Auntie Kerry! 👍🏼Loving a swing at the park on a sunny day. Enjoying his present from Uncle Ben and Auntie Harriet 😍we went back up to The Carlyon Bay Hotel for Abbie's birthday.❤️Eventually I'd love it if me and Alf could take surf lessons together! Obviously I'll wait until his a bit older 😂 
Bum cheeks 🍑
And then he was one.. I made a cake and we decorated the conservatory. We sat there with our phones taking photos and had a good time helping Alf get stuck into things. 

So that's it. Some of my favourite pictures. As I said some are probably already on this blog and posted on Facebook and Instagram. And some of them aren't even of a special occasion or a great moment, but that doesn't matter. They are special to me. 

Now I'm going to hand the  blog reins back over the the wife. 😂👍🏼

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