February Half Term 2017

Half term is finally here and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been a struggle missing Alfie and feeling like we don’t see him enough but now we have a whole week of just the tree of us. With a million and one jobs to do around the house including fiiiiiinally painting the bedroom and putting up our new bed (well Chris did both of those alone because he is a superstar!) we managed to squeeze in a few nice things. 

Now in case, like us, that makes no sense to you it actually means horses. Our friend shared with us a name that was given to horses by her family and now for us it has stuck too! So we went to visit our lovely friends Kerry, Emily and Ben on a mini farm they were looking after. We met the four crazy dogs, the horse/umgebo, two dinky do dahs (Shetland ponies), some chickens and some ducks. Alf’s favourite by far were the fish in the house followed by he duck he enjoyed stroking! It was lovely seeing our friends who are going to be moving house very near us soon so fingers crossed we will see a lot more of them!!

Trelissick Gardens
Trelissick calling! We arrive and invite Grandma Nicola along with her two doggies Teddy and Poppy. After a very muddles park up we start our walk and 5 minutes in …

Suffice to say they are adorable but naughty doggies. We get them back on leads and find a nice empty space. Attempt two of letting them loose and they run off again down a very steep hill to be beach. After a very slow and sweary plod down the hill slipping several times we arrive at the bottom and the naughty K-9s are back on leads. A trek back up a long incline and we make it to the top. Time for tea and scones!

Beach walk
A lovely stroll across the beach with the Neville family, Grandma Nicola and her naughty doggies!

So much wind! Alfie enjoyed his walk along the beach and chuckled at the antics he saw. 

Grandma Jay’s Birthday meal
Grandma Jay had a birthday so we celebrate with her, Grandad Jon and Auntie Danyelle. He thouroghly enjoyed making marks on paper with the crayons the lady bought over and banging his spoon as loud as he could. He also attempted lime again …​​

Baby Ashe
We also found out the lovely news that baby Ashe is going to be a girl!! The beasties are even again with three girls and three boys!

Overall we had a lovely half term together and saw lots of friends and family who play such an important part in our lives. We might not be instafamous or mix in every social circle going but for us, our little family and close friends mean the world to us. Roll on the Easter holidays!!

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