Happy New Year 2017

Well last night we packed up Sebastian to be shipped him over to the great beyond …over the hedge at the parents!

Sporting festive comfies and looking gurt lush!
I think putting him in an old duvet cover to prevent drop needles was a genius idea on my behalf!  This morning was spent packing up the rest of Christmas and much to Alfie’s dismay saying farewell to all his dangly friends (the elf, Father Christmas and rudolf). 
Seeing the new year in with the gruesome twosome aka beasties! One too many prosecco’s heavily laced with a lot of chambord early on led to a verbal mess and husband proclaiming I looked like a drowned rat (cheers love).

Hmmm I’ll forgive him this once. With Alfie all set up with Grandma and Grandad Fry our carriage (and Chauffeur El Prego) awaited! 

Destination: Chiquito Truro. Now we’ve been to one before in Cheltenham and the service was terrible, food was cold and a waitress smashed a bottle of beer over me and didn’t even offer me a tissue but ran to replace the blokes beer. Hmmmmm. Anyway! Chiquito Truro is really nice and the food was amazing!

I would definitely go there again and with the app giving lots of discounts too it makes their slightly high prices much more reasonable. The staff were feeling festive dressed up and were very friendly.  Their cocktails and mocktails were tasty too!

Feeling rather stuffed we continued the evening with drinks and games with Alfie sleeping soundly in bed and Megan dozing on the sofa. Just before midnight baby boy stirred for a bottle and I saw the new year in with him. Chris came up to wish us a happy new year and Alfie didn’t even bother to open his eyes, typical! With Alf tucked back up in bed it was back down to wish the beasties a very happy 2017 filled with love and an exciting new arrival due in July! Can’t wait 😊 

Happy New Year guys!!

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