Alfie’s first Christmas

It’s here! His first Christmas Day and what does Alfie do? Sleep in! Here’s chris and I all excited and ready to go at 6.00am, Alfie’s usual wake up time but No. Nothing. Not even a snore. So we think ok we’ll go downstairs and have a cup of tea and open our presents to each other. An hour and a half later and his lordship finally rises. Do we see excitement? No. Do we see recognition of Christmas at all?  No. He said his morning dadada’s to the decorations and that was it! Ok I don’t honestly know what I was expecting from Alf and maaaaaaybe sudden uncontrollable excitement from an eight month old over a holiday he knows nothing about was slightly unrealistic. 

Our first Christmas as a little family was amazing. We had a lovely slow start opening presents from family much to Alfie’s bemusement. 

Shortly after Auntie Lisa and Uncle Dan arrived to give Alf his present (a ball pool) and he loved it! 

​After a leisurely lunch lovingly prepared by Mr Richards Alfie was ready for a power nap before heading over to Grandma and Grandad Fry’s. Off Alf and I go fully intending for him to have a thirty minute snooze while chris and I spend some time tidying etc … three hours later Chris is stood at the foot of our bed telling me we need to make a move. Whoops!!

We finally make it to the Fry household with Alf dressed as Father Christmas and spent a few lovely hours opening presents and trying Alf out in different sized boxes but I’m not too sure who was more amused us or him. 

To sum up our beautiful baby boy’s first Christmas in just a few words is impossible. He was an angel all day and spoilt with love and affection from his family. He is one very adorable boy and I couldn’t be more lucky or proud to call him my son. Roll on next year when he will have some understanding of what the fuss is all about!

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