Christmas Eve

Today is Christmas Eve and we are all set for Alfie’s first Christmas. 

This morning we had a lovely visit from Grandad Gary and Zoe. Alfie enjoyed playing with them, showing off his new skills and babbling away. 

Not the most flattering pictures for any of us but family is family πŸ˜‰

Now for the check list … Presents wrapped, food and drink for Father Christmas (and his reindeer) and Alf’s first Christmas Crib service at Kenwyn Church with Great Grandma Eileen. Once sat in church Alfie had a good old look around at the dazzling lights, pretty decorations and wonderful stained glass windows. He was thoroughly transfixed by the man sat behind us with a rather strange hat on but offered several nods and smiles to Alfie which he returned. While waiting for the service to start a beautiful rendition of ‘Walking in the Air’ is played which I can only assume Alfie enjoyed by how still and calm he went. Once finished he resumed his babbling, dribbling and flirting with any passerby. 

During this very short service children are invited to dress up and come to the front of the church at various points. Mary, Joseph, angles, wise men, shepherds and sheep all take several laps of the church all looking adorable. A baby also plays the role of Jesus who obviously doesn’t take a lap but does comically exit the crib several times. It was a lovely service full of festive carols and Alfie behaved himself beautifully. I think next year Alfie would look adorable as a sheep … or maybe a shepherd but maybe Daddy could walk him round perhaps dressed as a cow to blend in as an animal from the stable. Perhaps even offer his services as donkey form Mary and Joseph??

We briefly went back to Grandma’s house to see all her decorations which Alfie loved (especially her coloured flashing snowmen) and despite dipping his foot in a cup of tea, not too much damage was done – although one snowman did tragically loose a button but good old Grandma fixed him with super glue. After bidding farewell to Great Grandma we arrived home to find Grandma and Grandad Fry popping over for a brief visit! It was lovely but Alfie was one very tired boy so off to bed he went and Grandma and Grandad said Goodbye leaving Chris and I wondering what to do as we have been very organised this year! There was only one thing for it, time to watch my favourite Christmas film ‘The Santa Clause’. I almost fell off my chair when we worked out it was 22 years old! Next year Alf will be able to watch this film with us as part of a little Christmas Eve tradition which we will continue to build over the years: church, cup of tea at Great Grandma’s, Christmas Eve box, film, story and bed! Now off to bed awaiting the arrival of the big man himself. I hope we are all on the nice list …

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