Winter walk in the Lost Gardens of Heligan

What started off as a little trip to a Christmas Market at the Lost Gardens of Heligan turned into a lovely walk around the gardens too. We met up with our northern friends (more like family) Kerry, Anita and Mick with their two little pooches Tia and Monkey. 

After a browse around the stalls we had a quick pit stop for drinks  

Alfie tried the cream from Daddy’s hot chocolate and loved it

With Alfie strapped to my front we were off around the gardens. 

We decided to follow the lovely festive trail marked out by red ribbon. 

First stop on the trail some boxes filled with festive items challenging people to guess the scent. I was useless but Chris, Kerry and Mick were pretty good!

Next we came across a spot to write letters to Father Christmas, Alfie already sent his so we had a photo instead. 

After this we found a gorgeous spot where you could write wishes. We wrote two very special wishes for two couples but I can’t tell you what they were because then they won’t come true 😉

Writing our special wishes

Along the route there were also some joke boxes where you had to guess the answer. I got most right which is either really good or slightly concerning that I know the answer to so many bad Christmas jokes …. anyway we came along to mistletoe hanging from an archway which was cute and stopped to swap Alfie over so Daddy could carry him for a bit (and thank God we did because there was a stupidly steep hill later on in the walk which we didn’t know about. If Alfie was still strapped to me we would never have made it to the top!). 

After our swap we came across some animals which Alfie wasn’t bothered about in the slightest. Did you know emu’s make a weird growling noise?? Me neither and it’s not very pleasant. I did manage to get a quick snap of some cute sheep. 

This was followed by the hill I previously mentioned which was worth the trek because once we reached the top  we saw the mud maid and the giant head at the entrance to the gardens.  

Mud Maid

Overall we had a fantastic day and was a really lovely start to the count down to Christmas with only one week left at work filled with Christmas activities, a world Christmas party on Friday and Angarrack lights and food with the besties in Sunday it’s shaping up to be a pretty good month. Oh and not to mention Alf’s first Christmas!!!

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