First Swim

We finally did it. We took Alfie to a swimming pool for his first swim and he loved it. 

He enjoyed bobbing around in his floating seat and with Mommy and Daddy. A nice quiet pool which was clean and warmish. The MASSIVE downside to where we went is you have to walk through the gym to get from family changing to the pool. Now I’m no slim Jim and having to walk through that gym was mortifying! Thank goodness I was carrying Alfie because if I had to walk through there alone I would be swimming fully clothed!! Is it to shame people into joining the gym? Let’s just say that’s not an experience I will be repeating anytime soon so recommendations for swimming in Cornwall would be greatly appreciated. 

Alfie did enjoy having his hair dried by the useless hair dryer and we did learn one new thing too … take two towels to dry the baby!

Now back on dry land we decided to have a cup of tea to warm up which Alfie found enjoyable as he discovered the joy of sugar packets!


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