The arrival of Sebastian!

So, here he is. My man carrying our Christmas tree. Like all the movies involving lumber jacks he tossed that tree into the air and it landed on his shoulder like it was nothing … nothing but an awkward pile of prickles!!! Chris asked me to hold Sebastian for 30 seconds while he cleared the boot and what did I do? Moan about how prickly and heavy it was. 

Good job Chris knows how to handle a tree because I would have left the bloody thing there!

Anyway after returning home and going out to get more lights, Sebastian finally looked like a Christmas tree. It is my first real tree and I am a bit underwhelmed by it all. I’m sure he will grow on me but all that matters is Chris and Alfie love it …. which they do. Job done!! Here he is in all his glory (the tree, not Chris 😉)

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