Picking our Christmas tree!

Today we went to pick our first ever real Christmas tree! I’ve never had a real one before and haven’t really ever wanted one. I’ve always said no to Chris but as it’s Alf’s first Christmas it would be nice to have a new tradition. We ended up going to a local Christmas tree farm (feels bazaar to write that) and collected a tag to place on our tree. 

As you can see Alfie is clearly ecstatic about the whole affair.

There were quite a few to choose from and to be honest I wasn’t entirely sure what I was looking for as I always pictured my Christmas trees like the ones in Winnie the Pooh movies – branches sweeping out and down (more traditional style) but apparently that’s not a Christmas tree you can buy here. 

After half an hour of trekking up and down we finally decided on our tree which will be referred to as Sebastian from this point forth. 

I personally think Sebastian looks a sight but I have every faith once he is in our home and spruced up Richards style he will be a joy to behold this Christmas. He will be ready for collection on the 3rd December. 

Before we go there was time for a quick family selfie. 

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