Alfie’s Christening

After what feels like an age it’s time for Alfred’s christening. After not wanting a theme, to having a theme then changing our minds again, we finally decided to give a nod to the ever classic Winnie the Pooh. As a child I was given a lovely classic Winnie the Pooh teddy bear and I took him everywhere, so much so that Mom had to sew the name Fry into his foot so the children knew who he belonged to at school (Fry being my maiden name) which he is now ever so affectionally referred to as. I also think my sister and I had every Pooh bear episode on VHS (Remember those!) and continued to have the DVDs too! Anyway, as part of our invitation to the christening we requested story books instead of christening cards for Alfie as he would be able to enjoy them over and over again. Well, the books that were chosen for him were so lovely and thoughtful I know they are going to become firm favourites. 

Introducing the Godfamily from left to right:

Auntie Danyelle (Godmother), Uncle William (Godfather), Mommy, Alfie, Daddy, Uncle Travis (Godfather) and Auntie Megan (Godmother). 

We kept decorations to a minimum just a few balloons, colourful bunting and a tiny hint of Winnie the Pooh in his cake. 

All in all Alf’s Christening was a lovely family affair with some very special friends and family. I have added a little video of some photos from the day. A few people slipped through the photo gaps but they were there to share the day which is the most important thing. 

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