Nursery Taster day

Well it's the beginning of the end or the start of the beginning. Which ever way you look at it Alfie has begun his adventure into Education. I am saddened that at the ripe old age of four months old my little boy has had his first taste of what is to come. Unfortunately I have to go back to work in September and although I LOVE my job, it means I can no longer spend all day everyday with my gorgeous baby boy. Today's session at nursery was for an hour and we stayed to get a feel for what goes on. Getting ready for his taster session this morning was fine … until we got in the car! It suddenly hit me that soon this will be the norm and he'll be away from me all day. Now in my head I know he's going to be fine and have a fab time, I tell parents this all the time being a reception teacher. But knowing it and feeling it are two different things. Alf is going to be in the baby room with his Auntie Megan who I trust with my life (and son!) and make lots of new friends. I know this so when the tears and tightness in my throat began to form I was completely caught of guard. I welled up in the car and was baffled especially when I was going to be with him in the room!! Stupid woman, anyway I pulled myself together and found out a vital piece of life changing information … Baby socks make useless tissues!!

Anyway, we turned up at the temporary base for the nursery and all was fine. Auntie Megan took Alfie for a nappy change and that was it, all fine and dandy! Met some of the lovely ladies who work at the nursery, Alfie made some friends and was fascinated with all the goings on. He even tried his first piece of banana which he loved. All in all today was one of many firsts: first time in nursery, first taste of banana and first time rolling from his back to front and front to back! I am very proud of our little man. 

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