‘Chicco close to you’ baby carrier

It’s official, Alf is becoming a chunk! After a long walk on the beach with some special friends last Monday, Alfie stretched his Kari-Me baby carrier/wrap. Although it is supposed to take up to 33lbs, it was no match for his 17lb body. After tightening it several times during our walk the support just wasn’t there. My once favourite baby purchase now needs to be replaced and packed away incase there is ever a baby number two. I would definitely use again with a newborn as it provides a lovely closeness with  no barrier between Mom and baby (besides clothing). Anyway!! The hunt was on for a new baby carrier and I had my sights set on an ergobaby but at a whopping £99.99 for a new one and second hand ones sell at £50+ I wasn’t prepared to spend that much as I don’t think we will use it as much as the Kari-me and now Alfie is bigger and off to nursery during the week it only leaves weekends, holidays and evenings for its potential use. During our search we came across a promotion at Boots for a ‘Chicco close to you’ at a price that could not be missed. 

After a lot of faff at Boots’ end, our new carrier arrived and what a mind boggle that was to set up! After 20mins and lots of referring to the instruction manual, Chris was all strapped up and ready to take Alf on his first plod into Tehidy woods. Lovely hot weather and Alf comfortably facing forward(!!) we were able to enjoy a family walking looking at squirrels, swans, ducks and a rat (bloody huge he was!!)


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