Poldhu Beach

Ventured to a new beach today with Alfie. Kept by the National Trust with an onsite cafe, the expectations are high!

Dressed nice and warm with it being miserable at home. Arrive and its glorious sunshine and people wandering around in tiny bikinis and various other swimwear atire. Luckily the quick removal of Alf’s long sleeved vest sorted him out from potential sweaty mess to cool and casual in his dungarees. Mommy and Daddy however left to sweat it out in a knitted jumper/shirt and jeans. 

And to top it off we got home to more glorious sunshine. How could we be so wrong!!

Anyway, gorgeous beach which feels really safe. Despite the 45 minute drive it will definitely become a Richards hotspot once Alf can sit up on his own! Very clean beach and a not too badly priced cafe makes it ideal for families. With small rocked areas to explore, a stream and sheltered, life guarded beach with surf lessons available I would confidently recommend this beach. Another added bonus on site public toilets with baby changing facilities *bonus*.

The cafe itself is very small but offers window service with plenty of benches to enjoy both your order and the weather. I imagine it to be quite nice on a dry Autumn/winters day being able to sit and watch the waves with a hot chocolate (which we will be doing!). They also sell their own merchandise which is actually quite nice – may have had my eye on a hoodie or two. Overall it was a successful trip and a nice discovery for us!

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