First walk on the beach

Ok so technically it was his first carry on the beach but there’s no need to be that fussy! After a day cooped up at home Alf and I asked Daddy if we could go for a walk and it was decided it was nice enough for the beach. 

Please can we go Daddy!

Still wearing very slobby clothes not fit for public appearance, I grabbed his Kari-me knowing my attire would be fully hidden. Anyway enough about my vanity! We arrived at Perranporth beach, strapped Alf to me and realised the tide was in so not too much beach available, luckily it was on its way out and we could time out way across the bridge to access the main part of the beach. 


After a lovely stroll across the beach (dodging what felt like millions of dead jellyfish that have washed up – charming I know!) we had an invitation to tea from the two lovelies Harriet and Ben.So dressed like a slob we arrived. A surprise tea and lovely walk was definitely an unexpected way to end the day. 

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