Lovely weekend

Lisa (Chris’s youngest sister) and her boyfriend Dan popped over for a cup of tea today and she ended up helping us give Alfie a bath. We thought she was going to witness the scream fest we usually endure but he was very good this time and only mildly moaned. Things are on the up! 

Dan having a cuddle with Alf

Alfie enjoyed a lil chill out in his bouncy chair today too. He has just noticed the giraffes above him. 

ummm why are there flying girraffes??

In the afternoon we had a spur of the moment visit from Harriet and Ben. Next thing you know we were planning breakfast for this morning (Sunday).
Ben teating out Alf’s Kari-Me
cuddles with Harriet
After our guests left we mooched on over to Mom and Dads to christen their brand new (first ever!) BBQ. With Pete and Dad in charge of cooking, Chris and I went on a quick beer run and prep for the upcoming breakfast. Feeling stuffed and happy from a major meat over load we went home. 
This morning we prepared for our breakfast visitors. Croissants, chocolate chip brioche, pan au chocolate, fruit and bacon sandwiches were scoffed by all. 

Breakfast feast

After we some digestion time (and a major poop explosion from Alfie, on Harriet!) we popped to town to drop things off at a charity shop followed by a coffee in ‘our’ place (Starbucks). For an off chance message on Saturday we’ve had a lovely weekend!
So … Saturday evening at the BBQ my great Aunite Sonia was supposed to be coming over but through mixed messages she was a no show so we ended up seeing her today (Sunday). She has recently returned from a cruise that started in Vancouva and was followed by a week with a friend somewhere in Canada?? She got Alf a gift and bought him a cute Mountie baby grow and Canada teddy. It’s a little to big for him now, but I can’t wait for it to fit him!

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