Alf’s first time out of the county!

We went on a small shopping spree to Plymouth today making it Alfie’s first time out of Cornwall – not that he is aware of this nor has he developed a resentment towards the one way toll bridge (personally I think you should have to pay to get into Cornwall not out of it!). 

As is tradition with myself, I had to take a picture of my favourite view on the drive up to Plymouth. I’m not sure why I like it so much but I do!

Having spent a very short time in Primark (much to Chris’s relief!) we moved onto Tiger and bought some lovely bits for Alf’s Christening – date still TBC. 

After this it was time for some fooood and just happened to wheel our way into Nandos aka a lot of money for a bit of chicken! Not too sure on the decor either, what on earth is this supposed to be???

If your not sure, it’s what they have covered one of their walls in. 

Soon it was time to go home but we couldn’t leave without popping into Mothercare where we purchased a lovely spiral to my to wrap around arm of Alf’s car seat. Just one problem … He bits dangle too low so they swing into his face. Oh well, he can have it on his cot when he moves into it. 

Suffice to say this was a very successful shopping trip … For Alf!!

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