Kari-Me baby sling

After looking for a Kari-Me for weeks on end (because I don’t want to pay £50 for a new one) we finally won a burgundy one on eBay for £14.20 inc P&P. It’s safe to say I am in love with it, even if I look like the Mitchelin man from behind!

It’s already been so handy (or should I say hands free 😂) because I can hang out the washing etc without having to leave Alfie on his more clingy days. He loves being bobbed around in it and when we go shopping he enjoys looking up at the lights over head. It’s bazaar having him strapped to my front but amazing at the same time. You can give him what feels like an actual hug where you wrap your arms around him too because you don’t have to worry about holding him up – also great for family hugs/Alfie sandwich!

The Kari-Me is easy to put on and has several different ways of tying for different ages. At the moment Alf must be facing me but soon he will be able to face out towards the world and when he’s a lot bigger he will be able to go on my back – not sure if I will be using that option. With hundreds of YouTube videos out there demonstrating how to tie, there’s no reason why anybody couldn’t give one a go (if they wanted). The first time my husband tried one on he said it was the closest to being pregnant a man could feel 😂👍🏻. 


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