First bath

So at the grand old age of 13 days old Alfie had his first bath. Some people bathe their new borns as soon as they are home from hospital, others a few days later and some like us many days later! There is no right or wrong answer for babies first bath as long as they are kept fed, warm, clean and dry. Although he was 13 days old when he received his first bath, we were top and tailing him daily (for those who don’t know what that is, its washing his face, intimate areas like bottom, his arm pits, neck and back of legs). The idea behind leaving it longer is you are leaving babies natural oils and vernix on their skin as a protective layer. This builds up in creases/folds in the skin and needs monitoring to make sure baby doesn’t get sore. 

To say Alfie enjoyed his first bath would be a complete lie. He hated it. In fact he hated it so much he screamed the entire time. He screamed, kicked, wiggled, thrashed … This was definitely a two man job!

Even after taking him out, wrapping him up and having lots of cuddles he was still making his disapproval clear. 

It’s safe to say it’s going to be a while before we discover the joys of bath time!

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