Welcome to the world

Today started with pre-op medication to stop me being sick. Lush. After a quick cry – pretty sure it was apprehension! and a shower, Chris and I did our final checks before making our move to the hospital. In the car we talked excitedly about what was going to happen today and what our plan of action was going to be -stick together! (I had previously told Chris there was only two things I was worried about 1)being left on my own in the theatre 2) not being able to have skin to skin and first cuddle with baby. Chris had claim of first kiss which only made me love him more).

After a failed attempt to turn Alfie last week and no big moves since, it was safe to say my c-section was going ahead. We arrived at the hospital for 9.00am and sat waiting in the designated area with my pillow and bags, anyone would think we were on a jolly. After being taken through to the ward I would be staying on, a quick scan and feel confirmed Alfie was still stuck in breech. Soon it was time to put on one of those awful hospital gowns, lucky for me I was able to put my dressing gown to cover my bottom as the sides were no way near meeting! One of the surgical team came through and introduced himself before going to prepare. He was quite young but really friendly and we had met him before so it was comforting to see a familiar face.

It was time to grab a nappy, a baby hat and walk across to the theatre. Things were slowly beginning to feel real. Chris was keen to get into his scrubs so I would not be left alone but I was feeling surprisingly calm about the whole event and even had a laugh or two with the operating team who could see I was nervous. Chris returned looking fetching in his scrubs and in his haste to get back to me he forgot his phone to take pictures. Bless him ❤️.  Next the kind young doctor told me I needed to remove my dressing gown and untie the back. I remember thinking oh god as I kept my back to the wall to avoid exposing my large derrière to the room. My face must have said it all. Seeing this he placed a hand on my shoulder and told me ‘I am going to see your bottom at some point’ this made me laugh and I thought screw it, they are going to see a lot more than my bottom in a moment!!

Soon I was numb from the chest down and awaiting the start of my section. After what felt like a million introductions from all the members of the team it was time to begin. Everyone one I have spoken to about cesareans explained it as ‘someone doing their washing up in your stomach’ and, I suppose they are right. I didn’t feel pain, just discomfort to begin with. As we went on it was becoming more and more uncomfortable, almost painful but not quite. It is a weird feeling to try and explain (turns out my sensation was coming back sooner than they thought, especially when I could move my legs as they transferring me from the operating table to my bed). I could hear everything they were saying and soon enough the screen was lowered and I could see my gorgeous baby held up in the air holding onto his own umbilical cord. There he was, our Alfie. At this point Chris who had been holding it all together began to cry and as soon as Alfie was on my chest, he gave him his first kiss. With Chris’s tears dripping into my ear (I told him it better not be something else) and Alfie rolling his way down my neck, our family was complete. 

Our baby Alfie was born April 13th 2014 and weighed 7lb 15oz at 11.24am. 

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