Any of you who know me will vouch for me when I say I’m not really an overly emotional person – unless it’s a film then the flood gates are open! But throughout my pregnancy that was the biggest change, anything would set me off. At work I managed to keep it all in but at home anything sets me off, even trying to find a matching pair of shoes!! Poor Chris one minute we are laughing and the next I am crying. No-one prepares you for the days when baby isn’t moving, the worrying or questions that follow and the relief when you hear their little heart beat whilst hooked up to machines. I can’t complain though I have been very lucky during my pregnancy with barely any morning sickness I think chronic heart burn is more than acceptable oh and did I mention my weight loss!! You heard right LOSS!! My clothes fit me better now I am pregnant than before!In the next few days I will be having a baby. Having successfully avoided babies until now I’m pretty sure there is no way I can avoid my own … I’m only joking. We are all prepared with bags packed, house straight and baby seat in the car. We have more clothes than we know what to do with and a very special baby grow I wore home when I was a baby (and my sister). Nothing can prepare us for what’s to come but we are looking forward to it. Here’s a snap of me with my full size belly:

It’s hard to imagine I have a little person in there but I’ll see him very soon. Chris decided to get creative with a teddy called cracker and created a gorgeous snap to put up Alfie’s room:

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