Baby scans 4&5 and more!

A little summary of some events from the last few months:

26th January 2016 and it is time to see baby Alfie again! People keep asking us “Are you sure you are going to call him Alfie? What if he doesn’t look like one?” To which I respond ‘tough, he’ll have to grow into it’. Long before Chris and I were even married we knew of we ever had children and one was a boy he would be called Alfie after my Grandad Alfred just like I was (my initials made up ALF).

This time we were lucky to get close ups of our baby boys face and were yet again told he had long legs (good to hear!).

12th February 2016

So in the picture above I am wearing a Joules jumper I bought atleast a year ago and it has been sitting in my wardrobe with the tags still on. Now the strange thing about my pregnancy is I have actually lost a stone and a half and fit in this better now than when I bought it! This photo was taken in February when I was 7 months pregnant!

16th February 2016 we attended the wedding reception of our good friend Sophie. She looked gorgeous in her dress and made such a happy couple!

20th February 2016 was the day we decided to paint Alfie’s room now we knew he was definitely a boy!

3rd March 2016 and its world book day! Key stage one came together and we were all characters from Alice in Wonderland.

23rd March 2016 and baby scan number four! The last scan before the big day.

This is when we found out that Alfie was back to back breech. At this point in pregnancy he should be making his way to being head down and in the ‘typical’ foetal position (like all the photos show you). But nope, our little monkey was bottom down, feet above his head sat facing the world like I was. We were told we need to pop to hospital to try and have him turned. I looked this up and watched videos about what happens so I knew what to expect.

A week later we turned up to have him turned. The doctor explained what she was going to be doing and we were hooked up to a monitor just incase Alfie became distressed. I’m not going to lie it was painful having someone try and turn a baby from the outside and by the end the doctor was sweating and her hands were cramping. Alfie didn’t move an inch! So the next step for us is an elective c-section … Unless he turns himself and comes along before!

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