Where is baby going to sleep?

So obviously baby Alfie will eventually have his own room which has been successfully painted blue, although it’s official title is ‘mint macaron’ by Dulux. It’s close to Tiffany blue and a big hit! He also has his own drawers which are full  of baby clothes, far too many in Chris’s opinion. In his bedroom he has the cot I had when I was a baby (27 years ago so it is truely a vintage piece!) but for the first few months he won’t be sleeping in that as he will be in with us and there is no way the cot will fit in our room if we want to be able to move!! With this in mind, a Chicco Next to Me Side Sleeper (sometimes referred to as a co-sleeper) was recommended to us by one of Dad’s work friends. We decided on the following model and pattern:

We went for a Chicco because:

  1. Baby needs to be in your room for a recommended 6 months. 
  2. The co-sleeper has three sides and straps to your bed meaning when you wake in the night for feeds and baby changes you don’t need to leave the bed just roll over and pick up (bonus!!)
  3. It can be flat packed and taken away with us. 
  4. The side can be lowered for co-sleeping and raised for a free standing cot. This means when we are ready we can introduce the raised side before moving him away from our bed. When he eventually moves into his own room he will be in something familiar before the move into his big cot. 

We chose the denim pattern because we’ve not seen any of this pattern in shops, in fact we’ve only spotted it on a few online shops. Hopefully it won’t show marks easily – you never know with me and Chris, things get spilt … A lot! The nice thing about this pattern is if we have another baby we won’t need a new one as it is suitable for boys and girls. This could be done through bedding and blankets. There are also 2 little loops inside the cot so you could accessorize through interactive toys according to gender too. 

Hopefully this will make the first few months a lot easier for us all – I imagine late nights, crying baby, feeds and nappy changes will be tough going so anything to help make life easier would be amazing. 


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