It’s a Boy! Scans 2&3

30th November 2015. Time for scan number two and the opportunity to find out the gender of our baby. Right up until our names were called to go in we still weren’t sure if we wanted to know but our baby decided to make the choice for us, HE decided to expose his gender and from that point on lost the reference of ‘our baby’ to our chosen name Alfie. 

Now so far I have had no cravings what so ever and I’ve only been sick maybe 5 times at most. But, I have had chronic heartburn! Everyone says this is a sign that he will have lots of hair but I’m not so sure. 

21st December 2015 baby scan number three. Here he is growing nicely and we have been told he has got long legs!! That’s good to hear and if what they say about boys out growing their moms is true, then we are going to be living with lanky limbs. 

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