Meet our baby!

15th October 2015 … The day of our first ever scan and the day we get to see our baby. So far it hasn’t seemed real at all and no-one has checked if I am actually pregnant or not, apparently doctors trust the results on tests which I was shocked at but never the less the big day is here!!

After a nervous wait and serious paranoia about how I looked, we walked into the scan room. I was told to sit on the bed and asked the worst thing in the world … To lift my top up!!! Now for the last 10 years Chris has been the ONLY person to see my stomach. No-one wants to see that! But I did it, putting it away at any opportunity. After lots of freezing cold gel and a scratchy doppler we saw our baby for the first time. 

How relaxed does our baby look!! Feet up, hands behind head, very chilled. It was too early to know the sex but we want to keep it a surprise!
Now I do have a horrible confession to make, one that I hate to admit … I ruined the baby scan by following someone’s advice to preserve it. My brain didn’t think about the type of paper and print the scan photos are! They rely on heat to create the images and what do I do?? Stick them through a laminator!! The pictures turn completely black. Thank God Chris and I took pictures on our phones!!

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