So this is me on the 17th August 2015 (yesterday) taking a selfie because I was feeling great and thinking I look alright today. 

Little did I know today my life would change forever! 

Let me start a few weeks ago … During the second week of our family holiday Chris and I went to a different beach. I’m there lying in the sun and suddenly I don’t feel very well, a little light headed and hot. I suggest we go into the sea for a cool down as by now the world is spinning. Chris and I head off to the sea 100 yards (if that) straight infront of us. Well … Chris walked straight, I tried too and staggered off diagonally across the beach much to the amusement of other sun worshippers. A plunge into the sea and with no relief, we returned home. Never had I ever been made to feel so wiped out. A snooze in the comfort of our apartment and I began to feel human again. After this nightly spouts of dizziness occurred and a few moment of feeling a bit sick (maybe I was dehydrated) but nothing more. And that was that, nothing especially significant … but it carried on when back in England. 

Now, I’ve never been affected by the sun or heat and I was sure this was not what was making me light headed. There was only one thing on my mind that it could possibly be and after a week of trying to make a special purchase I was able test my theory. Chris was working until 2am this morning so I was safe to see if maybe, just maybe, I might be pregnant. I took the test and waited the 2 minutes for my result. I looked at it and looked at it and couldn’t make head nor tail of it. 

In the booklet it says if there is a + its positive. Well the line down was very clear but what about across? It didn’t change in colour at all!! After many Google searches (other search engines are available 😉) I still wasn’t sure so I decided to pop out and get an idiot proof test, one that would tell me IN WORDS if I was or wasn’t pregnant. Lucky for me there are a few 24 hour supermarkets in Cornwall! So I repeat the process and wait the 2 minutes again …

And there it was in black and white … Pregnant. After a few seconds of shock and several moments of me walking around the house having a few choice words with myself, I suddenly realised there was no-one I could ring and tell what with it being 1.45am and Chris still working. All I could do was sit and take it all in.  How was I going to tell Chris? 

We aren’t ones for grand gestures or over the top displays of affection so what could I do? I needed time to think and hid the tests in my favourite flamingo box until I could think of a way to share my exciting news. Anyway Chris came home from work at 2.30am this morning and hopped into bed, I was bursting to tell him but didn’t want to just blurt it out. So somehow I managed to drift off to sleep.
This morning Chris woke up and announced to me he needed some tissue so plodded bleary eyed to the toilet to get some. I don’t know what possessed me but while he was gone I placed the box on the bed in his spot and waited. He retuned from the toilet, saw the box and said thanks babe – thinking I had put tissues in their for him. He opened the box (starkers may I add) and just stared at the contents. With complete shock on his face he asked me if they were mine and once it had sunk in what I was telling him, my gorgeous husband teared up! And that was that! Here we are with the biggest secret ever and both pleased as punch about the new addition joining us in 9months! 

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