Family holiday 2015 …

So after deciding not to join Mom, Dad, my sister and her bf for a holiday this year, we actually changed our minds and got a last minute deal and joined them on a jaunt back to Lanzarote where you can guarantee hot sun, a cold breeze and lovely clear sea. After a 5 hour delay flying out we were finally on our way!

As ever my amazing fashion sense was out in all its glory … More for things fitting my dress size rather than taste I must admit!

Who doesn’t love an in your face floresent pink dress!! Well atleast it made my tan look good 😉

We had a fab time and returned to the tapas bar where yet again the baby octopus were attempted (still not a fan) and masses of cheese and meats were explored. Daily trips to the beach and a new pier to jump from into the sea were a perfect way to spend our lazy days.

Next year we search for a new destination …

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