Paignton Zoo

After a random meeting for coffee at Starbucks with Harriet a trip to Paignton was decided. An hour later accommodation booked and date planned we were soon hopping into the car for an adventure. 

My bad mix of music blasting all the way up led to an interesting car journey showing a side to me many may not know, my love for … Rap! Turns out Harriet has a secret gangster side too!!

We arrived in Paignton ready to explore the pier and the local cuisine. After exhausting the aracde and finding out Chris and I have no luck at arcade games (many unsuccessful attempts at winning a Paddington Bear!) we moved on for the search for food. Shortly we realised Paignton did not live up to the glitz and glammer we all hoped for and after a near mugging by seagulls and many shifty glances from some ummm interesting characters, we hopped in the car and found ourselves in Torquay having a lush meal in a cosy pub. 

Next day was zoo time!! We had a fab time walking around looking at all the animals, especially the orangutans! After a pause at the giraffes we moved on, only to find out 10 minutes after we walked off a giraffe gave birth!!

On the way home we made a stop in a town for some food and witnessed some interesting acting in the square where they were filming for TV. There is a small chance we were I expecting extras! I just wish I knew the name of the programme they were filming! Soon our mini adventure was over and we were home again. A sigh of relief could be heard after being made subject to my music and a well deserved cup of tea was had by all!

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