Family Holiday 2014

Destination: Lanzarote and Pete’s first adventure to another country with the whole family (by whole I mean Mom, Dad, Chris, Danyelle and I). A fortnight of doing bugger all by the pool side and my favourite activity of the holiday ….. READING!!!! 13 books read woop woop! Boring I know but we (Chris and I) love it!
Found a lovely place selling delicious milkshakes ….

Pitstop for milkshakes!

Joined by these two

And cocktails!!

Tequila sunrise

Chin chin!

Caught in the act

Not a fan of her drink!!!

Evenings filled with shopping and wandering round the shops looking (and smelling) out for the right perfume!!

Smiling sisters!
Nights out together enjoying some family time together and eating great food!! Lots of opportunities for family photos! ….

Mommy & I wearing flowers!
Smiley smiley
Awwww Daddy selfie!!
Mr & Mrs
One of the highlights? D shouting CHANGE at the poor taxi man after Mom paying him!
Walking around the little markets was great despite the massive blisters I had on the soles of both my feet!!

Chris and Mom enjoying a break from the sun

Lovely photo of the parents

Don’t I look like my Daddy!

Awww! The most important men in my life!

Mom & Dad made a new friend!

And the most amazing Italian ice-cream ever!! Brilliant find Danyelle and Pete!

Mmmmm luuuush!!

Cococnut ice-cream, the best I have ever tasted!

Finally it was time to go home. Chris was too afraid to stand in Jaws mouth!!

Nom nom nom

What a fantastically relaxing holiday with my favourite people!!

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